Helping you reduce vehicle operating costs and CO2 emissions.

Fleet Hire actively promotes sustainable mobility, ensuring that the impact of vehicle emissions on the environment is minimised. To this end we are part of the ECO2 Partnership.

The eco2 Partnership is a consortium of like-minded businesses that have a desire to help other companies achieve sustainability by working with them to optimise their “Triple Bottom Line”.

Also known as “People, Planet, Profit” or “The Three Pillars”, triple bottom line accounting means expanding the traditional reporting framework to take into account ecological and social performance in addition to their financial performance.

Our complementary skill sets combined with our innovative approach have resulted in the creation of comprehensive range of green automotive services that will help our customers to measure, manage and control their economic, ecological and social resources more efficiently.

These services range from consultancy to a complete life cycle management solution for their business vehicle fleet. Our innovative solutions have been designed to take cost out of business operational processes.

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