End of Contract

I would like to request an early termination for my contract

Please call our customer enquiries team on 0844 85 45 160 to request an early termination settlement quotation. Please have your current mileage reading as we will need this to calculate the settlement figure.

Can I keep my car beyond the contracted end date?

Depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle, it may be possible to extend the contract on either a formal or informal basis. Fleet Hire will normally contact your fleet manager around three months before the planned end of the contract to discuss this.

I would like to buy my car at the end of the contract

You can request a purchase price for the vehicle here.

How do you calculate recharges for damage to my vehicle?

We use the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear guidelines, which are the leasing industry standard. Click to see the Fair Wear and Tear Guide.

Vehicle condition

When returning your vehicle

  • The interior should be free from repairs, burns, stains and tears
  • The bodywork should be free from dents, scratches, signs of visible accident repairs and excess untreated stone chips
  • Windscreen, body glass and light lenses should be free from cracks, chips and any other damage
  • Damage both internal and external caused by negligence should be made good


Please ensure that you return all sets of keys along with the vehicle at the end of the contract, failure to do so will incur a charge.