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"We have been delighted by the high level of customer
service, dedicated support and expertise of Fleet Hire”

- Lynne Haynes, Group Fleet Administrator, Deb Group

Case Study - Deb Group

For over 7 years, the Deb Group has trusted Fleet Hire Limited to provide their company vehicles on a non maintained contract hire basis with full fleet management. Fleet Hire Limited have become a trusted business partner and fleet consultant.

    The Challenge

    Like many businesses Deb Group have found that vehicle manufacturers have increased the cost price of their cars, thus monthly rentals rising by up to £60 per car per month. In addition fuel prices have continued to rise, Fleet Hire Limited conducted an in-depth fleet review to find ways of reducing fleet costs, by analysing:- Vehicle manufacturers, car choice to either a single/dual badge, miles per gallon, CO2 and BIK impact to the drivers, all without de-motivating drivers and giving them a choice of vehicle.

    The Solution

    As the Fleet consultant to the Deb Group discussions were held with various manufacturers to investigate support terms based on a single and dual badge supply arrangement. An in depth review of whole life costs on a wide spectrum of cars. Vehicles where compared including: engines, fuel type, benefit in kind, NI impacts, service/maintenance costs. Fleet Hire were able to show clear savings.


  • Two Badge Manufacturer choice - reducing vehicle capital costs by up to £4,200.00 per car.
  • Eco Flex – Fuel efficient Engine - saves over £950 per car based on whole life costs.
  • Fixed monthly budget for services - saving over £35,000 on maintenance costs across the fleet.
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