Salary Exchange

"It was easy to select a new car through the scheme
and the information & support I was given made this a very easy process"

- Sarah Collet, Sales Support Executive, Fleet Hire

Case Study - Sarah Collett, Sales Support Executive

Fleet Hire is committed to delivering a fully comprehensive benefits package to its staff that not only helps them save money and reduce our carbon footprint, but also allows Fleet Hire to ensure it has a happy healthy and motivated team! The benefits package has been regularly updated over recent months to include health & well being programs, company pensions & retail discount offers. Given Fleet Hire's approach to the Car Salary Exchange market it was crucial for us to “practice what we preach!” this is Sarah’s experience -

    Comprehensive Advice

    On the launch of the scheme in July 2011, Fleet Hire produced a fully comprehensive FAQ for all staff members along with a new contracting agreement. Staff were able to attend a number of presentations in relation to the new benefit and ask direct questions around the affect on gross pay and the potential savings to be made. Sarah was in the process of thinking of renewing her privately owned vehicle and could see the potential for savings and fixing her future costs was a massive incentive.

    Systems and Support

    Having the ability to quote for vehicles and compare them easily is at the heart of the scheme. Sarah was able to review the models she was interested and then ensure the specification and the affordability. Comparing the market is critical to this process and having the indicative retail rental on the site really help Sarah understand the savings she could potentially make. Once her decision had been made then the fully automated order process was able to begin.

    The Outcome

    “It was easy to select a new car through the scheme and the information & support I was given and continue to receive from the business has made this a very easy process. I love my new car and the fact that I am saving money and my costs are fixed, especially my insurance is fantastic”

    Sarah Collett

    Conclusion - Hassle Free Motoring!

    Through this scheme Sarah is able to enjoy hassle free motoring eliminating those unknown costs associated with vehicle ownership and in an ever changing and tough economic climate this is seen by all the staff and a truly valuable benefit and further enhances Fleet Hire's commitment to its staff.
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