Contract Purchase

This type of finance gives you the option of keeping the vehicle at the end of the contract by paying a final balloon payment (equal to the projected future resale value of the vehicle at the end of the contract), or returning the vehicle to Fleet Hire when taking a new vehicle. This is usually the preferred option of financing more expensive vehicles allowing your business to own the vehicle and therefore claim capital allowances.

    Key Features

  • Ideal for companies who operate expensive (£25k +) cars as part of their fleet
  • Suitable for companies that are unable to benefit from VAT benefits of Contract Hire
  • Companies have the choice of selling the vehicle via Fleet Hire at the end of the contract
  • Flexible terms and mileage up to 48 months
  • All the operational benefits of Contract Hire

    Key Benefits

  • Allows improved cashflow, fixed cost budgeting with initial low outlay followed by fixed monthly payments and a final optional 'balloon' payment
  • Companies can benefit from outsourcing the maintenance and disposal risk to Fleet Hire
  • Customers have full access to our other add-on services as with Contact Hire
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